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Having multiple diversified engineers with expertise, ACE Geosynthetics offers supports ranging from project design to analysis and product enquiries to meet customer's requirement. During the planning stage of construction projects, we are willing to provide feasibility assessment, design suggestion and project plan combining ACE Geosynthetics products with conventional and innovative construction techniques. When the project is under the designing stage, we can offer basic design, detailed design, specifications of material and construction, safety analysis conforming to international design guideline and standard, unit price analysis and carbon emission calculation. Under the construction stage, we can provide relevant quality-management documents and advices for construction supervision. Based on years ‘experience of design, construction and product’s reliability testing, if there is any question about specification of product, application, design, durability, construction operation and following maintenance from customer/engineering consultant/construction company, ACE will immediately offer solutions taking account in economic and security, and work with customers to develop new application system to resolve difficult engineering problems.

If you need any design and analysis service, or other technical support, you are welcomed to contact us. Further information about Design Suggestion, Structural Safety Analysis and CAD Drawing will be constantly provided below this page, and classified into different geosynthetics application categories on the website for reading and searching.

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