ACECompo™ GC


ACECompo™ GC- Geocompostie of PET grid and thermally-bonded nonwoven geotextile with bitumen coating

Asphalt reinforcement PET geocomposite with high strength, modulus and asphalt retention capacity of liquids

Applied for road repair and construction with longer service life and fewer reflective cracks

High cost effectiveness with simple and rapid installation


Geocomposite Made of PET Grid and Thermally-Bonded Nonwoven Geotextile with Bitumen Coating for Asphalt Layer Reinforcement ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――
ACECompo™ GC are geocomposites made of a high-tenacity polyester grid, a thermally-bonded polyester nonwoven geotextile and bitumen coating. ACECompo™ GC geocomposites are highly flexible with bituminous coating to adhere to asphalt layers or base layers, so the laying of ACECompo™ GC can be very easy and rapid. By the incorporation of the polyester grids and nonwoven geotextiles, the geocomposites offer high strength, high modulus and high liquid asphalt retention capacity. With the installation of ACECompo™ GC geocomposites in the road pavement systems, they can have longer service life and fewer reflective cracks under cyclic traffic load. Therefore, ACECompo™ GC is a highly cost-efficient solution for road repair and construction.





 Strong bonding to asphalt layers
 Excellent compatibility for asphalt mixture
 Simple and rapid installation
 High cost effectiveness


Roadway and Railway Construction

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