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ACEGrid® GDE- HDPE geogrids with high modulus, junction and connection strength fabricated through extrusion, punching and drawing

HDPE uniaxial geogrid with low elongation, creep performance and resistance against chemicals

High quality and durability for reinforcement application

Applicable in structures with low tolerance of deformation


Extruded Uniaxial HDPE Geogrids for Soil Reinforcement

ACEGrid® GDE are integrally formed uniaxial geogrids made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) through extrusion, punching and drawing. ACEGrid® GDE geogrids can carry high tensile loads applied in one direction with superior stiffness and junction strength for reinforcement applications including reinforced slopes, retaining walls and embankments.





Good solution for slope stabilization

ACEGrid® GDE geogrids have very high modulus which makes the geogrids have extremely low elongation and creep. In comparison to woven geogrids, the formation of ACEGrid® GDE geogrids make them have higher product integrity with uniform and stable open apertures to improve the interlocking between the rigid square ribs and soil. Additionally, ACEGrid® GDE geogrids can have higher junction strength and connection strength, which are also beneficial to performing the functions of confinement and reinforcement.


High quality and durability

The material of ACEGrid® GDE geogrids, high density polyethylene, has excellent resistance against chemicals, including acid and alkali, which are normally contained in soils. The integral formation of ACEGrid® GDE geogrids strengthen their ability to resist installation damage. Through the quality assurance process certified with ISO 9001, ACEGrid® GDE are provided with high quality to all customers.

The benefits of using ACEGrid® GDE include:

 Applicable in structures having low tolerance of deformation
 Suitable for using in reinforced retaining wall systems with blocks and connectors


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