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ACE expects to further cooperate with customers through calculation tools. The infinity symbol (∞) represents the limitless possibilities and versatility of the tools, providing engineers with greater accuracy and efficiency in designing geosynthetic solutions. This innovative solution will enable ACE to provide customers with top-quality products and services that meet higher standards. In addition, ACE plans to launch more calculation tools to improve understanding of geosynthetics and affiliated material use, advancing communication between customers and the ACE team. We record a video show how to use this tool. If you have any questions about their usage, please don't hesitate to contact us. 
We have also launched a video in Spanish. Let's watch it!


ACE∞ CL-Design

ACE∞ CL-Design is the design tool for evaluating channel lining material in accordance with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 15.
Channel linings can behave to reduce the shear stress on the underlying soil surface, so as to stabilize the channel geometry and function. The analysis tool can be used as a preliminary evaluation and design to analyze the protection of ACE products against channel erosion.


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