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ACEPin™ T- a robust fastener designed to competently secure planar geosynthetic materials on slopes or ground

Two shapes of ACEPin™ T and three sorts of specifications: T5(23 cm)/ T7(27.8 cm)/T8(50 cm)

Outstanding fastening performance for fixing geosynthetic materials

Suitable to fix adjacent materials when overlap and achieve excellent anti-sliding performance


Outstanding Fastening Performance for Fixing Geosynthetic Materials

A robust fastener designed to competently secure planar geosynthetic materials on slopes or ground. To provide the best protection, geosynthetic materials such as geotextile, geogrid, and geomat must be securely fastened to ensure firm contact with the ground surface. ACEPin™ T is a durable, sturdy fastener developed by ACE geosynthetics specifically to safeguard the security of geosynthetic materials on slopes or ground. It is a T shape nailing device with its longest middle bar used to penetrate into the soil. The continuous sectional joint structure and the protruding pyramid on the surface of the middle bar can greatly increase its pullout resistance to warrant its excellent fastening performance.
The protrusions at both ends of the T head are designed to lock ACEPin™ T tightly with the geosynthetic material below it after being driven into the soil. 
By using the ACEPin™ T series, geomat, geogrid, and other geosynthetics can be installed and secured on the slope surface safely to against any sliding possibility.

Depend on the requirement of project, ACEPin™ T has different configurations as listed below.

T5(23 cm)/ T7(27.8 cm): Made of a composite of glass fiber and Polyamide, and shaped through the molding process.

T8(50 cm): Steel pipe with 10mm diameter is wrapped in polypropylene and shaped through the molding process.







 Light weight
 Excellent environment durability
 Superior construction endurance
  Outstanding fastening performance
  Easy installation
  Cost effective


【Brochures】ACEPin™ T Product Brochure

ACEPin™ T Product Brochure

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