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Geosynthetics, an industry field which is not quite well known, needs to promote to the whole world as it is beneficial to our environment and lives. Although it has been over 30 years since geosynthetic materials exist in the international market, this subject, Geosynthetics, has still not been lectured in the most universities. Most of the civil engineers do not clearly understand the details about properties, applications, functions, installations and maintenances of geosynthetics. Therefore, ACE Geosynthetics has systemized years’ design and construction experience to meet different customers’ requirement through papers, visiting and sharing with customers, and co-organizing seminars to help customers quickly and logically build up the knowledge of geosynthetics, and further resolve construction problems. In addition to customers, ACE Geosynthetics also provides various courses or speeches on geosynthetics to college/university, engineering association and government agencies, not only ensuring that geosynthetic materials are correctly recognized and applied sustainably, but also trying our best to fulfill social responsibility. What’s more, ACE constructs a full-scale Eco Engineering Demonstration Park for educational purpose. Through creating the environment of real experience,we look forward to increasing the understanding of geosynthetic materials and connotation of sustainable green engineering for society. We sincerely welcome people around the world to visit our ACE Geosynthetics Ecopark.




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