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ACESandbag™ SB

Erosion and Sediment Control

Sandbag™ SB- efficient sediment control method for refraining cloggy materials from running into storm water systems

High-performance outlet protector as a shield and save the post- clogging cleanup work time

Tubular-Shaped economical green outlets protection device to avert wastes entrance

Durable and reusable sediment control bag with filtration abilities and resistance to sharp-edged fills

Quick installation and easy-moving protector with the appropriate sizes, a handle, and a binding knot to secure the opening of bags


Tubular-Shaped Integral-Woven Bag for Sediment Control

ACESandbag™ SB (Slit bag) is made of quality PE textiles for refraining cloggy materials such as silt from running into storm water systems, gutters, drains, and outlet tubes. The bags are usually filled with sand or gravel prior to be placed around the outlets to protect or across open drains, the bags lead to slow down the velocity of runoffs and keep the suspended sediments out. Sandbag™ SB can be considered/used as an innovative preventive measure- convenient and valuable- to be placed, into a curb arrangement, to avert wastes entrance.







Durable and Reusable Sediment Control Bag Material

ACESandbag™ SB is woven with high tensile strength and UV stabilized polypropylene yarns with adequate openings, to ensure both reliable resilience and filtration abilities, for a long performance period. Due to its durable characteristics, Sandbag SB is more eco-friendly and cost-effective as it does not require a frequent replacing. The product is able to be installed on hard surfaces such as bitumen or concrete, along with other different types of terrains. Lastly, the bag’s shape and dimensions would allow to avert complicated engineering work and heavy equipment use- easy to fill, tight and install.

Economical Green Outlets Protection Device

To prevent systems, such as storm water systems, from clogging, ACESandbag™ SB is the smart solution to pick. The bags can be installed as a shield and save the post- clogging cleanup work time, thereby, it is an economical green alternative to minimize the cost and potential dangers with its excellent abrasion resistance. To meet different projects’ requirements, ACESandbag™ SB series introduces two products which differ in tensile strength, aperture size, volume, and the customized design dimensions. However, both products can keep a high permeability rate while containing materials with small grain size. The bags function is not affected by the filling material since they can be filled with in-situ sands, gravels, or even recycling construction materials, given that the fabric is resilient to sharp-edged fills. Concerning transportation, the unfilled ACESandbag™ SB is lightweight (28pounds /46pounds) and easy to move to the job site; once filled and knotted, the bags can be stacked together, or separately, depending on the case. Moreover, due to their appropriate sizes and the handle they are equipped with, the bags are easy to move around/install using as least manpower as possible. If you seek a green and low-cost solution for your outlets protection, ACESandbag™ SB is a suitable method from installation to usage.

ACESandbag™ SB benefits can be briefly listed as below:

• Simple and quick installation to reduce construction time and costs.
• High-performance outlet protector to ensure fluent water flow.
• Environmentally and ecologically friendly application.
• Flexible-shaped for efficient installation and enhanced performance.

From bag fabrication to project design consultation to installation assistance, ACE Geosynthetics can offer a series of reliable services.

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