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Drainage and Lining

ACEMembrane™-HDPE geomembrane with either smooth or textured surface

Geomembrane with great resistance against tearing and puncture

Low permeability property to form as blocking barrier

A wide range of applications with cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness


HDPE Geomembranes with Smooth or Textured Surfaces for Barrier and Containment

ACEMembrane™ are high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes with smooth or textured surfaces in either side for blocking or containing liquids, solids or waste materials. ACEMembrane™ geomembranes offer sufficient tensile strength and high resistance to puncture, tear, cracking, UV and chemicals with relatively small thicknesses. As a most common field fabricated geomembrane material, ACEMembrane™ have very wide applications, including landfill liners and covers, canal and reservoir liners, containment of coal ash and heap leach mining, etc.





 Very low permeability
 High tensile strength and high resistance to tear and puncture
 Low temperature brittleness
 Textured surfaces to reduce slippage of adjacent materials; Smooth surfaces to lower permeability
 Durable with high resistance to UV light and chemical


【Data Sheets】ACEMembrane™ Double HDS Geomembrane TDS

【Data Sheets】ACEMembrane™ Double HDT-II Geomembrane TDS

【Data Sheets】ACEMembrane™ One HDT-I Geomembrane TDS

【Videos】Installation Process of Landfills by Using Geosynthetics Products

【Videos】Geosynthetic Application | How "Lining for Artificial Ponds" is done?

ACEMembrane™ Double HDS Geomembrane TDS

ACEMembrane™ Double HDT-II Geomembrane TDS

ACEMembrane™ One HDT-I Geomembrane TDS

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Reinforced Soil Dike, Class B Waste Landfill Expansion Project, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Taiwan | 2010-2014
Products:ACEGrid® GG, ACETex® NW, ACESandbag™ EC, ACEPin™ T , ACEDrain™ S, ACEMembrane™
Application:Landfill Construction

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