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Why Does ACETube® Dewatering System Meet with Great Favor in The Market?


Sludge, a semi-solid slurry, is generated from various industrial and refining processes, so that dewatering technology is necessitating application as a means to reduce the volume of sludge and dispose of it easier. Cope with the animation below, it helps us figure out how to apply geotextile tubes in the dewatering system. Five steps to help you treat the accumulated sediment and sludge.

ACETube® Dewatering System 

ACETube® dewatering system not only operates easily but also has several superiorities as listed:

      ●     High treatment capacity decrease costs.
      ●     Higher permeability shortens the dewatering process.
      ●     ACETube® dewatering treatment captures more solids inside bags.
      ●     High seaming strength allows increment of filling height dramatically.
      ●     Excellent resistance to abrasion, ultraviolet light, acid, and alkaline with a variety       
               of sludge contents.
      ●     Customized specification available for circumference up to 34.5 m and length of more
                than 100 m.      
      ●     Less site restriction (Tubes can be stacked.)

Compared to other traditional methods, the adaptability and economic benefits of dewatering tubes are superior the dewatering tube has outstanding superiorities in terms of cost-effectiveness and nonrestrictive area which has made it a competitive choice. The new innovative dewatering tube can reduce the volume of sludge up to 90%. And there are diverse types and needs for dewatering sludge against each case. For instance, industrial waste sludge treatment, mine slurry dewatering, lagoon or river sediment dredging, municipal water treatment and wastewater sludge, construction dewatering, and agriculture waste sludge, ACETube® dewatering system all are available to apply in large-scale and/or small-scale projects.

ACETube® Dewatering System Application Cases
ACE Geosynthetics provides different sorts of applications as follows. To know more, please click the case link or refer to our official website: 

1. Industrial Waste Sludge Treatment
Sewage and Sludge Dewatering Treatment in the Chuansing Industrial Park, Taiwan

Sewage and sludge containing heavy metal substances from the waste of dyeing, finishing plants, and electroplating plants require treatment to decrease the volume before disposal. However, the daily output of sludge generated has doubled compared with the previous year. Originally, the treatment factory introduced drying beds where sludge flows into and waits for dehydration- its longer, highly connected to weather conditions, and the dewatering space. Thus, the urgent to seek an alternative faster dewatering method.
The treatment capacity of using ACETube® per piece reaches the amount of 250 m3. After dewatering for about a month, the water content of a sludge cake was lowered by 85 percent which meets the sludge removal standard in Taiwan.

2. Mine Slurry Dewatering

Use Geotextile Tube as Mine Slurry Dewatering Treatment, Indonesia

The mining area of this project is adopted open-pit mining, which normally requires heavy machine and equipment to remove the overburden for obtaining coal mines. Also, the slurry waste of overburden is usually transported and stacked on settling ponds. As the extraction volumes increase, the slurry waste subsequently increases as well, causing the problem of space shortage.
This case uses the amount of sludge that can be filled in a dewatering tube for carrying out the test. ACETube® PP70-I, which is adopted in this case, only takes around one week to efficiently decrease the moisture content to 40%. From the test result using geotextile tube for sludge dewatering significantly reduces the dewatering time, and the filtrate also shows good clarity after the dewatering treatment.

3. Lagoon or River Sediment Dredging

Dredge Work at Wujia Port, Taiwan

Wujia port has been experiencing sediment problems for many years. When low to moderate tides occur, fishing rafts are unable to go out in the sea. This is as a result of upstream sediments of the Wenliao River and littoral drift from northeastern monsoon and tidal currents.
The siltation problem has been successfully improved by introducing ACETube®. Apart from reinvigorating the sluggish fishing economy, ACETube® system is an environment-friendly and economical solution without the need to transport materials to build the breakwaters and/or create waterways.

4. Municipal Water Treatment and Wastewater Sludge

Municipal Sludge Dewatering by Using Geotextile Tube, Moldova

The East- European agrarian country, Moldova, has a tight budget for municipal sludge treatment according to fiscal conditions. As a result, an economical and environmentally friendly solution requires to cope with the problem.
ACETube ® dewatering system, in this case, treated a large volume of the municipal sludge: more than 600,000 cubic meters. The filtration effect is considerably remarkable; not only has a high dewatering rate but also performs outstanding filled volume. Our customer highly appreciates the economic effect of the solution.

5. Agriculture Waste Sludge  

Organic Sludge Treatment in a Coffee Factory, South America

This case involves a coffee factory; during the production process, a large amount of organic sludge is produced. The by-product is mainly stored in a lagoon where, the liquid-solid separation, depends on a long-term sedimentation.
ACETube® dewaters the sludge with flocculants to decrease the sludge efficiently and shorten the separation time of solid and sludge significantly. Our customer is satisfied with the solution and solves the challenge of limited space available.
ACE Geosynthetics provides economical and safe solutions for customers and works with customers to develop new application systems that manage to solve difficult engineering problems.
Decisive Factors for Choosing ACETube®
There are three decisive aspects for selecting a decent dewatering tube: filling capacity, processing time, and processing cost. ACETube® dewatering system performs impressive competence in order to fulfill the requirements. The key component for the dewatering system is the dewatering tube- ACETube® -, which fabricated by premium geotextile- ACETex®, works filtration and sludge containment functions.
ACETex® has a patented design: The characteristics of geotextile can both have outstanding filtration and high tensile strength because of its high permeability and optimal aperture opening size, ACETube® is able to achieve higher treatment capacity. Besides, the bi-axial tensile strength of ACETex® is up to 300/300 kN/m, along with high seam strength, it allows ACETube® has a large size and high filling capacity. Another characteristic of ACETex® is its excellent abrasion resistance and can withstand ultraviolet light, acidic, and alkaline environment. Last but not the least, ACETex® products are ISO 9001 certified which complies with international norms and regulations for quality control and quality assurance manufacturing process. Please refer to the latest uploaded information and files on the official website below, and feel free to contact us for further details.

Dewatering tubes enable ACE Geosynthetics to be customized according to each case requirement to optimized performance and lower capacity burden in the expectation of giving the best experience for customers. The company creates values at every detail from design and analysis to training support in favor of promoting trustworthy and comprehensive support throughout the projects. Ace your projects with ACE Geosynthetics.


Please refer to the latest uploaded information and files on the official website below, and feel free to contact us for further details.

Case Studies

      1. Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Project for the Petrochemical Complex
                  ●     Type: Landfill Construction    
                  ●     Product: ACEGrid® GG

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