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Defend Onshore Wind Turbines From Wave Erosion

When confronting the global warming and energy crisis issues, what else can we do to make the earth and lives better? The renewable energy, wind power, has been an important issue and a great value to our world. Although the wind power is not as widespread as other renewable energies, the using rate has gradually been rising every year with the aim of reducing harmful carbon emissions generated from nonrenewable energy sources. From the early 1980s, Taiwan has primarily constructed onshore wind turbines which cost around 4 million US dollars for each. Constructed onshore along the coastline, it is important to protect wind turbines from wave erosion from sea.

In this issue, a real case in Taiwan about the onshore wind turbine protection with composite system including gabion and reinforced soil structure (RSS) is introduced as below. The case made a great success because it is effective, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Road Maintenance and Slope Repair near the Wind Farm in Hsinchu

Project Background
There are six onshore wind turbines of Xiangshan Wind Farm border Taiwan’s northwestern coastline. After several devastating rainstorms, the dynamic action of vigorous waves coupled with surface runoff scoured the coastline, stealing the stabilizing ground packed at the foundations of the wind turbines. The advanced erosion along the undulating shore, and at the base of the towers were clear alerts that the windmills could potentially topple. In addition, the collapsed shore disrupted the flow of traffic from Huisun Forest Area to the northwest coast of Taiwan. An immediate remedy was required to restore the stability of the coastline and diminish fears of the resulting subsidence, offsetting the wind turbines.

ACE Solution
In order to rehabilitate the coast and strengthen the wind turbine foundations, ACE devised a composite sea defense that incorporates anti-erosion ACEBagsTM with ACEGrid® wrap-back slope, a stiffening ACEGabionTM foundation and a strategically placed layer of riprap to impede the direct flow of water to the shore and curtail erosion along the toe of the slope. The highly durable materials effortlessly maintain the coastal boundary by withstanding the alkalinity of seawater plus the powerful thrashing of waves along the seashore.

Product: ACEGrid®, ACEBagTM
Solution: Seawalls & BulkheadsRevetments

The Contribution
Presently, the ACEGrid® slope surface is vegetated, enhancing the biodiversity of the shore and further fortifying it against erosion. This combination of ACE’s geo-materials has created a resilient reinforced revetment that attenuates storm energy and protects onshore structures from being scooped up by the approaching swells.

What We Do
Design Proposal – Provide drawings, specifications and cost analysis
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Construction Assistance – On-site technical support available on request during construction
Material Consultation – Offer optimal product options and customization
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