New brochure of ACE Geosynthetics is available online

ACE Geosynthetics has published a new brochure focusing on its main products - geogrid (ACEGrid®), geotextile (ACETex®), and geotextile tube (ACETube®).

The design concept of the brochure is to make it as easy to read as possible. This brochure is to help readers to get a better picture of ACE Geosynthetics and to provide an overview of ACEGrid® (geogrid), ACETex® (geotextile), and ACETube® (geotextile tube). Readers can learn something about ACE Geosynthetics in the first two pages. Then it talks about the products separately in the sequence ACEGrid®, ACETex® PET, ACETex® PP, and ACETube®. It ends with general specification sheet of the products, and further introduces the ACE Geosynthetics EcoPark on the very last page.

The content of product information is arranged in a way that readers can easily follow and understand. Generally, it starts with a basic descirption of the product's appearance, composition, and types of the product; followed by the applications, features, and the benefits of the product. And at least a real case can be found to demonstrate the product is practically workable in solving engineering problem.

You can download the new brochure by clicking below image.

ACE Geosynthetics New Brochure

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