ACE Geosynthetics introduces PVA geogrid as the new product line endorsed by CE marking

Lately accredited by BTTG, the line of ACEGrid® GV geogrid series is quality endorsed with certificate of factory production control, also as know as CE Marking.

ACEGrid® GV-Series geogrid is woven from high tenacity, multifilament polyvinyl alcohol yarns (PVA) and coated with durable polymer which can provide best resistance of UV and burability. ACE provides wide strength range of ACEGrid® GV-Series geogrid with high quality advantages - high tensile modulus andlow elongation and creep behaviors, and offer better resistance to alkaline environment. ACEGrid® GV-Series geogrid successfully offer the stability to earth structures, such as reinforced retaining wall or steep slope, road, bridge or pavement construction.

ACE Geosynthetics now can provide extended range materials for wider engineering applications and solutions.

For more details about ACEGrid® GV-Series geogrid, kindly contact

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