Repurposing of an Unused Space

In the latest ACENewsletter, a case of repurposing an unused space is introduced.

In Linbian, Pingtung, there were fish ponds around 1,100 hectares flooded by a violent typhoon in 2009, making it become unavailable to use. As policies of water nurture & photovoltaic farming” and “industry transformation” were brought forward, a group of people made efforts to rent a wetland combined with photovoltaics, and built a smart grid demonstration area here to repurpose this unused space for multifunctional purposes as flood detention and water storage. Moreover, with the aid of using ACEGrid® geogrids as reinforced earth structure, this unused wetland with vegetation growing on the surface thus becomes a better habitat for animals and plants, also providing the educational function for residents and visitors.

For more information about the case, please read the case study: The Case of Repurposing Unused Fish Ponds into a Smart Grid Demonstration Park , Pingtung, Taiwan

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For more cases about repurposing of unused spaces, please follow below links:
  1. Ecological Landscape Park with Function of Flood Detention, Pinglin Forest Park, Taichung, Taiwan
  2. Detention Pond under the Shalu Overpass of Freeway No. 3, Taichung, Taiwan
  3. Maple Garden, a Recreational Park with Function of Flood Detention in the City Center, Taichung, Taiwan
  4. Geosynthetic Detention Basin at Shalu Interchange, Taiwan

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