America | 2010-2014

Pavement Rehabilitation,Colombia, South America

Products:ACEGrid® GA

Application: Pavement Improvement


The original main traffic road with asphalt surface in Columbia, South America, has been showing extensive reflective crackingwhich is the major drawback of asphalt pavements, and has caused damages due to high axle loads or increased traffic.

Problem / Task

Reflective cracking in the pavement surface has caused numerous problems, such as discomfort for the users, lower safety, added the infiltration water and reduction of bearing capacity. Commonly, a paved road becomes a candidate for maintenance when its surface shows significant cracks and potholes. Therefore, the government would like to choose economical and long-term performance way to solution the cracks on the pavement.

Solution/ Design & Construction

ACEGrid® GA glassfiber geogrid is being increasingly used at asphalt overlay base level to enhance the overall performance. The asphalt reinforcement with ACEGrid® GA has an advantage that it can be placed in the asphalt layer to restrict reflective cracks and ease of installation. In this project, after milling of the original pavement, it can be installed directly and overlaid with hot mix asphalt.


After the construction is completed, the performance of reinforced pavement shows very good condition. No reflective cracks and pothole are discovered. On the other hand, the depth of ruts is also decreased and has fair serviceability.

Pavement Improvement

One of the most commonly visible damages along highways and roads are reflective cracks. Applying the bitumen coated glass fiber ACEGrid® GA or the ACECompo™ to...

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