Asia | 2005-2009

Seabed Pipeline Protection, Thailand


Application: Pipeline Armors


The special project was constructed in Thailand to protect the HDPE pipeline on seabed. It might caused some damages when installation; therefore, applying a structure to protect the pipeline was highly important.

Problem / Task

In this case, in order not to cause any damage to pipeline by scouring or moving when installation, the project owner needed a structure to shield the pipeline; hence, the best solution was to use ACEFormerTM geotextile mattresses as the protection for pipeline.

Solution/ Design & Construction

The design engineer selected ACEFormer™ geotextile mattresses filled with sand as a shelter to protect the pipeline attacked by current directly; the anti-scour under the pipeline and the flexible structure would not injure the pipe as well.
ACEFormer™ of this project was formed of ACETex® PET 250-I geotextiles with good abrasion resistance against tension during construction.
Hanged the ACEFormer™ geotextile mattresses panel first which was prefilled sand on the ground and delivered to the pipe protected location; then, dropped the sand-filled ACEFormer™ geotextile mattresses down carefully to cover the pipe as the shield.


The project was finished in 2008, and it is still in a very good condition with high efficiencynow.

Pipeline Armors

Exposed offshore pipelines risk marring by ship anchors and floating out of alignment during strong underwater currents. In order to mitigate these issues, even...

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