Taiwan | 2005-2009

Sand Barriers Restoration, Tainan, Taiwan

Products:ACETex® PP, ACEBag™

Application: Breakwaters, Sand Dunes


A biologically rich Chiku Lagoon located in the western shore of Tainan City is surrounded by three offshore barriers. Itis the most immense lagoon in Taiwan to attract the stay of protected wildlife such as Platalea minor, and for subsistence of local residents.

Problem / Task

Unfortunately, the retrogradation of coastline was beginning of the inappropriate artificial development led to severe loss of sandbar bounds, and affected the livelihood of the residents nearby as well. The government attempted ceaselessly finding a proper solution to restore the sand bars.

Solution/ Design & Construction

In 2008, the engineering company drove the plastic sheet piles into the beach where the sand bar was attacked by waves to resist the scouring; ACEBag™ geotextile bags were stacked in the foreshore to firm the beach sand, and covered with ACETex® PP geotextiles for extending the service life of whole restoration system. The protected system was completed, and dredged sand to nourish the backshore. Hence, the sand barriers restore its function to surround and safeguard the valuable lagoon.


With the structure of ACEBag™ geotextile bags and ACETex® PP geotextiles, the coastline of Chiku Lagoon is able to be well-protected and constantly brings human beings and the environment infinite vitality.


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