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Geogrid3-Miscellaneous Constructions of Tamkang University (Lan-Yang Campus)

Project location
  Jiaosi,Yi-Lan County, Taiwan
  Tamkang University
Project period
  700 days
Item ACEGrid® GG150-1
Material Polyester(PET) Geogrid
Tult 150 kN/m
El ongation ≦10%
Tallow ≧50kN/m
Apertures 13mm × 25mm ± 20%
Width ≧3.7m
Project Profile
  The reinforced structure project of Tamkang University in Jiaosi is the biggest project in Taiwan. There were 800,000m of ACEGrid® used in this project and it was accomplished in 2003. The huge quantity of earth fill slopes was constructed for building new road of the Lan-Yang campus of Tamkang University.

Therefore, there were 15 places of the reinforced retaining walls with geogrid wrap-around façade. The refill with soil on site was designed in this project, which had 5n to 15m high. Most of reinforced retaining wall had two stages of slopes in this design. The bottom stage slope is designed 25cm compacted soil layer for each geogrid wrap-around. The top stage slope is designed with 50cm thick compacted soil layer.

After many typhoon attacks, there is no damage of retaining wall. It’s considered as a very successful project in Taiwan.
  Geogrid3-Miscellaneous Constructions of Tamkang University-Download

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