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Geogrid2-Mechanical Stabilize Earth Walls of Putai Elementary School

Project location
  Putai Elementary School, Puli Town, Nantou County, Taiwan
  Putai Elementary School
Project period
  10 days
Item ACEGrid® GG150-1 ACEGrid® GG200-1
Material Polyester (PET) Geogrid
Tult (kN/m) 150 200
Elongation(%) ≦11% ≦12%
Strength@5% strain(kN/m) ≧75 ≧100
Amount 11,000 m2 2,100 m2
Project Profile
  This Project is situated at the entrance of Putai elementary school, Nantou County. The high change of the Mechanical Stabilize Earth Walls (MSE walls) is from 1.5m to 8m. The project has met the Alie typhoon While constructing, and the MSE walls haven’t been damaged because the construction quality is excellent.
  Geogrid2-Mechanical Stabilize Earth Walls-Download

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