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Case Study
The use of geotextile tube : International container terminal project of land reclamation. (324KB)
The use of geotextile former as a seabed pipeline protection in Thailand (1146 KB)
The use of geotextile former in slope protection of channel in Lankeng Village (1480 KB)
The use of geotextile former. The revetment project in Taiwan (964 KB)
Reservoir Accessing Road Construction (804.51 KB)
2009 IAA - Award of Excellence: A complex reinforced structure applied at hilly road repair case in Taiwan (492 KB)
Coastal Dune Protection Using ACETube® in Mexico (402.33 KB)
The hilly road broadened project at Cingjing Veterans Farm (222.78 KB)
Mechanical Stabilize Earth Walls (896.53 KB)
The channel protection project of ACEFormer (486.64 KB)
Miscellaneous Constructions of Tamkang University (758.70 KB)
Municipal solid waste landfill at No. 6 Naphtha Cracker Project in Formosa Plastics Group in Taiwan (199.63 KB)
Reinforced Slope with wrap-around facing (386.07 KB)
The Connecting Road of Miaoli High Speed Rail Station (293.30 KB)
Landfill Extension Construction (869.05 KB)
Reinforced Embankment of Taiwan HSR (410.11 KB)
Soft soil improvement on Gateway Upgrade Project in Australia (829 KB)
CPC oil transportation bridge (272 KB)
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