ACE Geogrids are woven by high strength polyester (PET) yarns with various mesh sizes and specifications. Exterior is coated with PVC or nontoxic substance material for UV, acid, and alkali resistance and to prevent the bio-decomposition.
ACEGrid® is widely introduced to the various fields of civil engineering, transportation engineering, and environment issues. The reinforced steep slopes, reinforced retaining earth walls, reinforced embankments, reinforced abutments and piers are typical applications where geogrids are used. The geogrids are applied to enhance the bearing capacity of the soil as well.
The structure of ACE Geotextile is woven and tightly knit comprised of high tenacity PP or PET yarns. The ultimate tensile strength of PP geotextile can up to 105kN/m and over 1000kN/m for PET geotextile. Not only they are economical, but also the great strength of yarns with impressive two-way support allows resistance against extremely high tensile loads. Due to its light weight, using ACETex® during installation of construction process brings you the advantage. In other words, it is easy to set up with optimum effect. The construction field use its benefits of giving strength to unstable weak soil foundation. This effective support makes it possible to construct slopes and retaining walls as well.
Rather than making the bags from degradable natural fibers, however, the use of UV-stabilized polymeric fibers has added new life into such installations. With controlled strength and deformation, the geobag can be filled with sand, grout or even concrete and can be specially tuned to fit the particular application at hand. Unlike rock fill, surfers would not be injured and it is easy to place in the construction of marine and hydraulic engineering structure. Also, it is an important character in the installation of erosion-control barriers.
The geotextile is placed in the empty barge and filled with the bottom sediments. When full, the geotextile ends are folded over the top and sewn together. The barge is towed to disposal area and the split hull of the barge is opened and the filled container is dropped to the bottom. Additionally, Subsurface embankments and reinforced embankments are being formed by ACEContainer. As a matter of fact, it gives an impressive support in the method of removing river/harbor bottom sediments. In conclusion, geocontainer permits a cost effective and successful application in the marine and hydraulic engineering field.
Agriculture net
The agricultural fabrics are made from PE ( Polyethylene ) or PP ( Polypropylene ) yarns. The excellent quality is guaranteed with the most competitive price and prompt delivery service.
-Shading Net
-Insect Net
-Knitting Net
-Window Screen
-Windbreak/Shade Cloth
-Vegetable Net
-Weed Barrier Net
-Anti-hail Net
-Sand bag.