ACE supplies multi-functional and multifarious geosynthetic materials which not only satisfy any of your creative designs but also save the procurement time to accelerate project progress and reduce time cost.


ACEGrid® GA geogrid is a kind of reticular structural material made of glass fiber with bitumen coating. It withstands high and low temperatures.


ACEGrid® GD geogrid made of high molecular polymer (HDPE or PP) through extrusion, forming and punching before longitudinal and lateral stretching.


ACETex® NW is made from either polyester continuous filament yarns by needle punched manufacturing process; or polypropylene staple fiber by needle punched manufacturing process with thermally bonded surface. With small opening size and high permittivity characteristics, it is suitable for filtration or separation which without demands of tensile strength.

Laminating, sewing or integrating of geosynthetic material, such as geogrid, woven geotextile, nonwoven geotextile, geomembrane, etc.

Geocells are three-dimensional structures that are used to confine fill materials to create structural stability which HDPE flats.


Various formations of ACEMat™ are stereoscopic mesh structure and manufactured by continuous filament with high tensile strength.

ACEDrain™ is consisting of liquid conveying components formed by continuous netlike configuration or regular dimple.

ACEGabion™ is a monolithic structure intends to make mainly supporting.ACEGabion™ has more advantages than rigid structures.

ACECurtain™ is geotextile fabricated curtain product made of ACETex® PP or PET woven geotextile.

ACELiner™ GCL is a waterproof product which combines three or four layers of materials.