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Design for applications in marine engineering

In the applications with marine structures, one of the most common employed tools is Geotextile Tube, as follows are its main components:
1.Main Tube
2.Anti-scour Apron
3.Anchor Tube

  Depending on the marine weather and design requirements, the necessity for various components will alter. Concerning the variable applications of marine engineering and each project objectives, the section drawing of geotextile tube must be done according to the following the indications and it should not leave behind the safety requirements.
  Certainly, if you need guidance and analysis, please contact ACE Geosynthetic immediately, our representative will be in touch with you shortly and provide you the best recommendation for your ideal design.



According to US Army statement, the following description will individually explain the size and strength of each component within tube structure:

A. Main Tube
     • Applicable depth: less than 5m water depth (recommended)

     • Strength: require higher tensile strength in circumferential direction, the strength of geotextile for the         geotextile tube could base on the analytic results from GeoCoPS, please contact ACE Geosynthetics for         assistance.
     • Size:
       i. Principle of aspect ratio
          When filling with pure sand: H=0.6D,W=1.4D [H: height of tube, W: width of tube, D: diameter of tube]

       ii. Length: based on project design, it is recommended between 30m to 300m
       iii. Recommended filling port size larger than pump pipelines and the distance between filling ports             should not exceed 7.6m
       iv. Recommended interval between loops is 5m
     • Seam position and strength: avoid seam position above the parts with stress concentration, seam        strength has to be larger than the design value, please contact ACE Geosynthetics for assistance.

B. Anti-scour Apron

     • If environmental condition is favorable, in other words, it there is no erosion and weak foundation, unilateral        design can be chosen. However, if the installation is submerged, it is recommended the application of        bilateral design to prevent the structure from being eroded.
     • In land, the anti-scour apron needs to be larger than 2.5m. On the contrary, for submerged construction,        the design length should consider the marine weather and measurement of main tube structure, please        contact ACE Geosynthetics for assistance.
     • Geotextile strength is the same as Main Tube

C. Anchor Tube

     • Size
       i. Size recommended for filling port larger than pump pipelines and distance between filling ports should           not exceed 7.6m, anchor tube quantity needs to be equal to the number of main tube
       ii. Circumference depends on the size of anti-scour apron, generally it is recommended larger than 1.5m
       iii. Geotextile strength is the same as Main Tube

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