Aquaculture Net

Such innovative net ameliorates adhesion of alga and organism and reduces frequency of net cleaning and replacement.

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In order to improve the fault of original nylon Aquaculture net, Aquaculture net is constructed with high tensile strength fiber coated with antifouling and anti-biofouling materials. With the characteristic of high stiffness and not easy to deformation, it avoid aggressive animal and fish gnaw. Its smooth surface could reduce injure of fish. When Aquaculture net applied to aquafarm, it is not easy to be deform which caused by wave and sea flow. Coordinating with different size of fish and its growing, ACE could adjust Aquaculture net size according to client’s demand. The size, shape and accessories of Aquaculture net could be altered depends on aquatic farming demands.

Concerning of deficient maritime resources, aquatic farming become focal industry for waterfront countries. The product, especially floating cage, is developed under such demand for the inquiry of cage Aquaculture and aquafarm which increase years by years. It is also commonly used in various fish cage Aquaculture, such as Salmon, Hamachi, Amberjack, Seabream, Halibut and Seabass.