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Marine Enginnering

Dune reinforcement
Tube can supply reiforcement function to coastal dunes. By this application, tube can replace bank cores of coastal dune. Not only it has sand regulatory effect, but also, it has the effectiveness of stabilizing the sand against external force influence, as well as preventing it from water wash..


Applying tube to build vertical or close to vertical structure in the shoreline can reduce the effect of sand drifting, also can increase stabilization and nourishment of beaches. Moreover, its effectiveness can minimize the risk of coastal erosions.

Offshore breakwater/submerged breakwater
The application of tube as offshore breakwater or submerged breakwater can shatter the waves of open sea in advance; also can prevent problems of erosion caused by direct impact of wave against shoreline. Besides, it can enrich coastal dunes by dissipating the energy to achieve the settlement of exterior sand.

Reclamation works

Using the cofferdam principle, tube can be applied to reserve the backfill area. After pumping and backfill, a new reclaimed land is shaped and more feasible area becomes available.
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