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Environmental Protection

Sewage sludge treatment
In the procedures of dispose of sewage, solid contaminants are separated from liquid essentially. ACETube® enables the separation of solid and liquid effectively. In last stage of the disposal procedures, it may take too much time and space to dry sludge under the sun. If people use ACETube® or ACEBag as a filter made of high permeability and suitable opening size material, it separates solids and liquid effectively to accelerate disposal procedure.

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Waste landfill
Covers, closures and drainage system in the design of waste landfill need geotextile to keep the integrity and function of each layer. ACETex® not only develops above mentioned functions but also enhances protection of clay liner or geomembrane from sharp articles punctures.

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Landfill Filtration and Drainage
Allow for adequate liquid flow with limited soil loss across the surface of ACETex® over a compatible service lifetime. ACETex® renders solutions that enhance drainage and filtration in landfill and waste containment applications.

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