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River Engineering

River bank protection
Erosion is one of the common problems found on slope and dam adjacent to river. Rough surface structure increases friction to slow down the flow velocity and porous structure disperses erosion energy. ACE geosynthetics avoid earth slope or earth dam touch with flow directly. Such as, ACEBag-g is installed in gabion and filled with in-situ soil. It stabilizes river bank and precludes washout by flow, as well as ACEFormer protects the surface of river bank to prevent scouring.

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Pipeline Protection

Not only creating solutions but also protecting original structures, a flexible cushion is applied to support the submarine pipelines. Like a bodyguard, ACEFormer or ACEBag covers the submerged structures to resist any external impact.

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Erosion control
ACEGeogabion is high permeable, porous structure. It is widely used for external protection, especially in underwater structure to disperse and distribute the energy of current. ACEFormer is usually laid on sea bed or beside the river to reduce risks from erosion caused by eddy current.

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Riprap or concrete armor underlayment
While soil underneath riprap or concrete is easily washed away by sea or river waves, the hard armor collapses due to the loss of stability. To avoid risks and danger growing upon failures, ACETex® is normally applied to prevent soil drain away while enables the permeability of water through the fabric.
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