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Geotechnical Engineering

Reinforced Embankment
Apply ACEGrid® and ACETex® for reinforced embankment, they provide high tensile resistance and excellent interlock effect with the soil which enhance stability of the structure. Thus fortify its shear strength, apparent cohesion and restrain its deformation.

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Reinforced wall and slope
ACEGrid® or ACETex® possessing high tensile strength can be utilized for supplementing the internal stability of reinforced soil. ACEGrid® has suitable aperture to enhance interaction with backfill soil. Thus, MSEW (Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls) and RSS (Reinforced Soil Slopes) utilize ACEGrid® or ACETex® retaining internal stability by mechanical equilibrium.

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Soft Soil Stabilization
The high tensile strength material placed on soft soil is like a membrane to redistribute stress and restrain lateral move of soil particles. It spreads normal load and prevent difference settlement. Thus, ACEGrid® and ACETex® are the answers for soft foundation stabilization beneath embankment or road.

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