ACEGrid® GV geogrid is woven by high-tenacity, multifilament polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) yarns and coated with durable polymer.

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ACEGrid® GV is geogrid which constructed by polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). With characteristics of extremely low elongation and creep. The tensile strength is from 35kN/m to 800kN/m. Coated with polymer material which reduce damage of geogrid from shipping and installation, raise UV resistance and prevent influence of pernicious substance and hydrolysis resistance. 

ACEGrid® GV is broadly used in civil engineering such as road, environment, maritime, traffic, tunnel, retaining wall and slope projects. Especially, while applied to the structure with limit displacement demand, it could effectively control structure strain.

ACEGrid® GV could effectively reduce structure strain by the interaction with soil and also enhance earthquake resistance to increase structure stability. In the meantime, it could be used with different types of panel systems, such us wrapped, galvanize steel bar, precast concrete panel and landscape stone panel etc. Moreover, ACEGrid® GV can be applied to following projects,

Installation process of ACEGrid® wrapped reinforced retaining Wall

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