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ACEFormer is constructed with high strength woven geotextile. Suitable for diverse applications, the woven fabric can be either PP or PET material. It is primarily installed to provide protection against rainfall washouts, high speed scour and compensate the difference settlement of the underlying soil.
Our ACEFormer is comprised of mortar or concrete filled elements and fabricated in many structures, such as:

  • Vegetated:
    Due to the perforations that are opened within the ACEFormer, vegetation can be cultivated within the open areas, allowing an ecological and environmental friendly scene.
  • Filterpoint:
    A Cobbled appearance is formed by interwoven double-layer of ACE woven geotextile. The filter points provide for the relief of hydrostatic uplift pressures to increase stability. It is erosion resistant, and gives protection to rivers, channels, reservoir, and harbor areas.
  • Mattress:
    Mattress is a flexible cushion to support the submarine or on-land channels above uneven seabed or different elevation caused by undersea avalanches or earthquake. It can cover over and protect submarine or on-land channels from external damage.

ACEFormer can perform better than others…
  • Economical
  • Time saving
  • Flexible and light-weight structure
  • Excellent and durable resistance
  • Customized production
  • Friendly and ecological

Case history with application of ACEFormer
  • The channel protection project in Taiwan
ACEFormer Electronical brochure
For more information kindly contact ACE: sales@geoace.com

Choose ACEFormer and make the Earth more beautiful...

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