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Rather than making the bags from degradable natural fibers, however, the use of UV-stabilized polymeric fibers has added new life into such structures. With high tensile strength and low deformation, ACEBag can be filled with in-situ soil and can be specially modified to fit the particular application at hand. Also, ACEBag can play an important role as slope protection and temporary retaining structure.
ACEBag-g utilizes a high-strength synthetic fabric coated with polymer material. ACEBag-g with high tensile strength, tearing strength, puncture resistance and seam strength is suitable to use for the protection of natural bank and temporary slope retaining structures.
As a matter of fact, ACEBag-g when applied for river bank protection or temporary slope retaining structures can be filled with in-situ soil to reduce cost. In conclusion, ACEBag-g permits a cost effective and successful application in the marine and hydraulic engineering field.

ACEBag can perform better than others…
  • Cost and time saving
  • Light-weight and easily handled
  • Excellent resistance and durability
  • Customized production
  • Environmental friendly
ACEBag Electronical brochure
For more information kindly contact ACE: sales@geoace.com

Choose ACEBag and make the Earth more beautiful...

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