What ACE cares

When the traditional structure reinforcing method for infrastructures fails in combating against severe climate changes and unable to achieve environmental sustainability, the method of applying geosynthetic materials for infrastructure improvement and natural landscape restoration seems to be a better option. And ACE plays an important role in supporting such eco-friendly engineering by providing solutions with low carbon emission geosynthetic materials to protect and prevent the earth from further deterioration. As supporting a better and greener environment is our responsibility, we will keep contributing our best toward the environment in our profession.

Social Contribution

ACE not only cooperates with the government and organizations to take care of the disadvantaged minorities, but also provides opportunities to share industrial knowledge and experience with university students. Our employees also actively participate in social welfare activities to fulfill both individual as well as enterprise responsibility to the society.

Employees Care

With the purpose of maintaining the greatest asset of the company and providing the efficient and quality service to customers, at ACE we have pleasant working environment, cooperative company culture, and well-organized training and development programs for employees. In addition, our open door policy allows individuals to have direct communication with the management for any concern and suggestion; every voice in the organization can be heard. We believe once we take care of employees’ concern, our overall performance will be taken care by them as well. Last but not least, ACE assists every employee to reach the body-spirit-mind balance by organizing and sponsoring group activities, staff trip, and annual medical checkup for everyone. The ultimate goal of ACE is to have all its employees to achieve a balanced and healthy life, while contributing toward the sustainability of the company and the environment.