What ACE insists


Qualification is the basic recognition of professionalism. As the first manufacturer with automatic geogrid production line and the largest exporter of geogrid and geotextile in Taiwan, we ensure and maintain our quality control system through ISO 9001, CE, NTPEP and GOST certifications. Moreover, we have obtained the Greenhouse Gas Emission Verification (ISO 14064-1:2006) and verification of Carbon Footprint Assessment (PAS 2050) for our ACETube® and ACEGrid®; these verifications are essential for us to further involving in ecological engineering. We further obtained the certification of ISO 14001:2004 for our environmental management system to demonstrate our attitude of being environmental friendly.

Quality Assurance

Along with the ISO 9001 endorsement, we have a well-equipped in-house laboratory, managed and operated by a group of professional QA & QC engineers. The laboratory is certified with ISO 17025 for various test items to ensure the validity of test results. The ultimate purpose is to provide durable product and satisfaction to all customers and end users. Our insistence on high quality and professional practice will always be there, since it is the key factor that leads us to the rapid expansion in the global market.

Research and Development

To deal with complex environmental conditions and maintain our leading position in the industry, continuous improvement and innovation of products is essential. Our research and development department consists of experts from macromolecules, chemical, textile and mechanical fields to improve product performance and develop new products in geosynthetics. Not to mention we have a technical team consisted of engineers from civil, hydraulic, marine, and geotechnical fields that keeps researching and developing the application of geosynthetics and construction methods.