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Geogrid1-Reservoir Accesing Road Construction

  Pau-Zsan, Shing-Zu County, Taiwan (Pau-Zsan II Reservoir)
Project location
  North Region Water Resource Office, Water Resource
Agency, Ministry of Economics Affairs
Project period
  3 years
Item ACEGrid® GG150-1 ACEGrid® GG200-1
Material Polyester (PET) Geogrid
Tult (kN/m) 150 200
Elongation(%) ≦11% ≦12%
Strength@5% strain(kN/m) ≧75 ≧100
Junction Strength ≧61.5 kg ≧61.5 kg
Width 3.8 m 3.8 m
Project Profile
  The Accessing road is constructed along the mountain ridge and the total length is 8km. Partial of the earth-fill slopes use the reinforced embankments. This road also includes three bridges. Because the difficulty of the construction, that is changed to totally use the reinforced embankments. The total number of the reinforced retaining walls is sixteen, which are built with steel grill reinforced façade, and the height is form 2m to 14m. After the typhoon attack in 2004, there was no damage for the reinforced retaining walls in this project although the Shing-Zu area was seriously destroyed by the typhoon.
Consequently, the landslides are rehabilitated by the reinforced
  retaining wall as well. This rehabilitation project includes two reinforced retaining wall with geogrid
wrap-around façade.
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